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Whatsapp CEO and a Bubbler story of Great Customer Service

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Here are two clear examples of the importance of clear communication when dealing with customers.

1. Whastapp and Customer Privacy

On its company blog, Whatsapp’s CEO Jan Koum, reiterated a few days back, their commitment to keep customer’s privacy. This communication was a direct response to the rumors generated by Facebook’s recent acquisition of WhatsApp, announced last month*.

Following the announcement, some of the 450+ Million Whatsapp users, along with privacy advocate groups, expressed their concerns about their privacy and data safety, due to the well known Facebook’s practice of collecting user data that is later utilized to place advertisements.

According to Koum’s statement, Whatsapp will continue to operate independently and autonomously of Facebook, without changing their principles.

As Whatsapp user, I really expect this is the case, because I find this application valuable for my instant communication needs, and look forward to continue using it for the long haul. But to be honest, is not clear what Facebook intends to do with it. 

What are your thoughts on this? How do feel about the privacy of you user data on the internet? Beyond those doubts, I believe what he did is good, he went public and addressed their customer’s concerns, in a clear and direct manner.

2. Communicating with your customer beyond words

Today ©rightchaos shared her story about how she turned a displeased customer into a satisfied and loyal client. You can read it at www.bubblews.com/news/2750568 

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